With positivity being such a large part of our company culture, we were so very excited when BNE and our good friend, Dr. Tony Quinn were referenced in the best selling book, The Secret. The author, Rhonda Byrne, communicated our story of how we succeeded where everyone else had failed through the laws of attraction and positivity. This mindset results in increased health, wealth and happiness, which was undoubtedly true in our case. While the financial success of BNE is definitely an benefit, I see more value in the relationships I have developed with other like minded individuals that I have met through my business interactions, personal relationships and, most of all, Dr. Quinn’s workshops. His workshops and seminars continue to inspire, motivate and energize me.

The Secret is something I am honored to be a part of. There is so much potential in all of us that goes undiscovered because of doubt, fear, worries, stress and the lack of confidence. Both The Secret and Dr. Quinn emphasize that one must replace those negative emotions and implement a lifestyle of optimistic, encouraging behaviors that ultimately make you into the person that I think all of us want to be. Dr. Quinn’s Educo Seminar allows us to understand the fundamental role potential plays within us all and how we can follow the path of success.

I was also recognized in the Acknowledgments portion of the book on page xv, which was gracious of Ms. Byrne. Below is also the piece from the book referencing BNE and our story.

“The true story of a Belize oil team is an inspiring example of the power of the human mind to bring forth resources. The directors of Belize Natural Energy Limited were trained by the eminent Dr. Tony Quinn, who specializes in Humanistic Physiology training. With Dr. Quinn’s mind power training, the directors were confident that their mental picture of Belize being a successful oil-producing country would be achieved. They took a brave step forward to drill for oil in Spanish Lookout, and in one short year their dream and vision became a reality. Belize Natural Energy Limited discovered oil of the highest quality, in abundant flows where fifty other companies had failed to find any. Belize has become and oil-producing country because an extraordinary team of people believed in the unlimited power of their mind.”

Chairman, BNE/INE