Susan Interviewed on “She’s The Boss” Podcast

She’s THE Boss chats is a regular program featuring in-depth interviews with amazing, inspiring female founders and women who run their own businesses. Susan was invited on to discuss her success and the Educo Model. Give it a listen here.

A View To a Drill

Belize Natural Energy is delivering on its mission to benefit the community from its hard-won oil reserves Everybody told us there was no oil in Belize,” says Susan Morrice, Chairperson of Belize Natural Energy (BNE). “But I knew there was oil here. I felt it innately – and so did Mike.” A geologist by profession, […]

Susan Featured in “The Hammer”: Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago’s Publication

Introduction Belize sits in Central America and is flanked by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. As the only English-speaking country in Central America it is more than four times the size of Trinidad and Tobago but has a third of our population. The […]

Susan Presents BNE’s Energy Model to Forum Mosambique

Susan Featured on “Let’s Go” Podcast

Podcast host, Patrick Steenburge, interviews Susan on how she empowers others to realize they have no limits. The episode can be heard here.

Susan inteviewed by The Leadership Podcast

  Susan was invited to be a guest on “The Leadership Podcast”. See transcript below or listen to the podcast here. Why Leaders Are In The Business of Energy – Susan Morrice, Chairperson, Belize Natural Energy Summary & Ideas for Action Susan Morrice, a geologist, explorer, chief executive, and global visionary, shares how to tap into […]

XJET: Another Educo Holistic Business Model Success

XJet: The story of Success, Vision, Belief and Passion Now you might not have any interest in the private…

Belize Natural Energy wins the Getenergy award!

The summer is off to a great start for Belize Natural Energy. Through a lot of hard work and commitment, the staff at BNE is getting some great recognition by winning the 2013 Getenergy Award in the “Learning at the Core” category. The “Learning at the Core” award recognizes companies that contribute the most to […]

BNE Shortlisted for Global Award

      Dear Friends, We are proud to announce that Belize Natural Energy Ltd. (BNE) has been shortlisted for the GetEnergy Global Education and Training in Exploration Awards in the category “Learning at the Core.” Why we were shortlisted: “The GetEnergy Awards Committee recognised the significant and sustainable quality of the work in which [we] have been engaged and […]

Women in aviation

To date, there are very few women in aviation. In fact, the numbers from an international trade group called Women in Aviation, says that only about 4% of the 500,000 non-pilot jobs in the United States are filled by women. It is this type of inequality that I see as the sort of challenge that […]

Education and Inspiration

Many people ask me questions about energy production and exploration, our approach and how we address environmental concerns. Fortunately, I was able to become involved with a colleague of mine who is working directly with young students. She is has a curriculum focusing on energy, the economy and business. I worked with her to come […]

Educo Holistic Business Model the key to BNE’s incredible success

Susan uncovers the power to make her biggest dreams come true from a Tony Quinn two-week Seminar…

A night of firsts

Texas…the land of cowboys, oil and cattle. My first experience with the unique state occurred back when I first moved to America and was traveling from the South to Colorado. I was driving through the panhandle with just my dog, when I stopped my car in a fairly desolate portion of the countryside. I didn’t […]

The best seminar you will ever do

I am so excited to be a part of an event coming up this weekend that will introduce a seminar to attendees that completely changed my life and the lives of people around me. Anyone and everyone is invited to come out to XJet this Saturday February 16, 2013 and speak with myself, Josh Stewart […]

A superstar in the making!

Through Tony Quinn’s Educo seminar, I have met many people that are talented, inspiring and gifted. I truly believe that through Dr. Quinn’s seminar, individuals learn how to recognize negative thoughts that have held them back in the past. This recognition helps all of us unlock talents and gifts we never knew we had by […]

Pushkin Trust 25th Anniversary Dinner

I was honored to be invited the Pushkin Trust’s 25th anniversary dinner held at the brand new Titanic Belfast building in the heart of the Titanic Quarter. If you haven’t had the chance to visit this exhibit, you must make it a priority when visiting Belfast. The Northern Ireland Tourism Board identified it as one […]

Clinton Foundation Dinner

Today, I was very fortunate to attend the Clinton Foundation Luncheon here in Denver hosted by Amber and Mike Fries. Mike is the CEO of Liberty Global and is very involved in the local community. Amber and Mike brought together a very impressive group of supporters for the lunch, which was focused on fundraising to […]

Letter to Members

        November 11, 2012 Dear Members, “We’ve only just begun”…… That original Vision to discover the first oil and make a positive difference in Belize is holding steadfast despite the challenges… Many of you don’t know the full story of how this happened……. Please read through to the end to see THE […]

DIPS Luncheon

I am blessed to have many local, national and international groups ask me to attend their events and speak on the success that BNE has had over the years. One group that I am very happy to be a part of is the Denver International Petroleum Society, also known as DIPS. DIPS was organized approximately […]

Local firm spawns worldwide meeting

Full story coming shortly…

The Ireland Funds’ mission hits close to home

The IF’s mission is “to be the largest network of friends of Ireland dedicated to supporting programs of peace and reconciliation, arts and culture, education and community development throughout the island of Ireland.” Over the years, I think they have accomplished this in an impressive fashion. They have been around for over 35 years and currently have chapters around the globe. Since 1976 they have raised over $430 million dollars for these great programs and are one of the largest private funding sources for programs on the island of Ireland.

BNE Wins Green Award

When we first started Belize Natural Energy, we knew that a main focus of ours was how to be socially, morally and environmentally responsible in a country where we had never done business. When we first started exploring for energy in Belize, it was still quite behind the rest of the world in terms of […]

Independent Finds Right Fit In Belize

Independent Finds Right Fit In Belize BELMOPAN, Belize–Global giants in the international crude oil exploration, drilling and production industry tend to enjoy advantages when it comes to economies of scale and easy access to funding. But it is becoming clear that in the hunt for frontier oil, those advantages may be no match for the […]

Supporting the arts in my home town.

I have always loved the arts. Literary, visual and performing arts have always held a special place in my heart. They engage every emotion from joy to fear to sadness and remind us of that spirit we all have inside of us but don’t always connect with. I have the utmost respect for the artists […]

BNE story in bestselling book “The Secret”!

With positivity being such a large part of our company culture, we were so very excited when BNE and our good friend, Dr. Tony Quinn were referenced in the best selling book, The Secret. The author, Rhonda Byrne, communicated our story of how we succeeded where everyone else had failed through the laws of attraction […]

No more bungle in Belize’s jungle

By Simon Romero The New York Times SPANISH LOOKOUT, Belize, Feb. 17 — Near this small Mennonite town carved out of the thick jungle, a farmer dug a shallow water well a few years ago and found a viscous black liquid seeping into the water. Given Belize’s disappointing record of oil exploration, stretching back to […]

A Career History of Susan Morrice – Geologist and Explorer Globally

Oil is found in the minds of men. That statement made by Wallace Pratt, a famous old oil geologist many…

Belize Natural Energy (BNE) has grown from just a dream seven years ago to today being a global oil industry beacon that has transformed a nation in Central America – an amazing success story when you consider that 96% of the BNE workforce are Belizean and just seven short years ago there was no infrastructure […]

Dr. Subroto, General Secretary of OPEC

At the Institute of the Study of Earth & Man at Southern Methodist University  Morrice worked with Dr. …   , Secretary General of OPEC, on issues of global energy. She organized a private conference in Vail to facilitate discussions between successful Independent Oil Men such as Roy Huffington, Don Wolf and Dr. Subroto. Their shared […]

Susan Morrice granted the Distinguished Service Award

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists granted Susan Morrice the Distinguished Service Award. The Distinguished Service Award is presented to members who have distinguished themselves in singular and beneficial long-term service to AAPG. The emphasis is on long-term and, at the same time, meaningful service to the Association. This award was established by Executive Committee […]

Globe-trotting Susan hopes for a lucky “strike” back home

By David Simpson Belfast geologist Susan Morrice has looked for oil and gass around the world – but her latest project is very close to home. She has been appointed consultant geologist to the exploration company aiming to extract oil and gas from the Fermanagh, Cavan and Leitrim areas. Ms. Morrice, who is 31, heads […]