Opportunity Coalition embraces the values of Susan Morrice, a positive force

By Scottie Taylor Iverson
They said it couldn’t be done. Even the big companies didn’t believe. They said the Central American country was barren. But that didn’t stop the feisty, Irishwoman Susan Morrice, who had faith, spirit, energy and conviction. Undaunted, the brilliant geologist/explorer who believes in sustainability and who climbed rocks as a child and felt a kinship with the earth, had already worked in America. But, when introduced, fell in love with Belize and its people who connected with each other in open happiness, causing her to have a critical stirring. She took a leap of faith by connecting with herself and quieted the doubters.

No other energy companies would join her wildcatting adventure. Her Belize Natural Energy has produced more than 10 million barrels of light crude and is the No. 1 revenue producer in Belize. She has seen its production reach an impressive 5,000 barrels per day. BNE boasts a 96 percent Belizean workforce and has pumped (literally and figuratively) $400 million back in to the Belize economy and has transformed the country, the people, education and health care. Its Educo Holistic Business Model has attracted global and corporate leaders to come to Belize to learn more about it. The application of BNE’s holistic business model was even mentioned in The Secret. It’s the first and only oil company in the world to win the Green Award.

“I want to make a difference in the world,” she said.

When everyone else failed, she succeeded through the laws of attraction and positivity.

“This mindset results in increases of wealth, health and happiness,” she said. She uses an old Irish saying: “Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We must make the most of our lives and reach our full potential.” Financial success is definitely a benefit, but she sees more value in relationships developed with other like-minded individuals met through business interactions and personal relationships.”

There is so much potential in all of us and the power of the human mind brings forth resources.

Although Morrice is a dynamic powerhouse and global visionary, she is immediately approachable and has unlimited pearls of wisdom to impart along with tons of inspiration to generously share. Because of her warmth and compassion, even a brief conversation gives one the feeling of having been a lifelong friend. She lives life with a passion and she has made her passion her profession. She felt a pioneering spirit in the U.S. when she was hired by an American company and early on formed Susan Morrice & Associates.

“I had heard about you Americans,” she said,” and that the entrepreneur spirit was the backbone of your country.“

She shared many thoughts and steps of her subsequent BNE journey with the audience at a recent Opportunity Coalition meeting.

“See the vision clearly and in alignment,” Morrice said. “There are lovely things in life to take advantage of. So much is undiscovered because of doubt, fears, worries, stress and lack of confidence. The energy is within our selves. Be present.”

She is the epitome of transitioning success to significance. She refers to herself as a wee Irish girl, but what she does is unstoppable and anything but wee…