Entrepreneurship from Belfast to Belize

At the ACG Denver, 8th Annual Business Social Enterprise Event Susan received the Governor’s Proclamation for the great things she accomplished. She was interviewd by Larry Nelso with W3W3.com and you can listen to the interview here.

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LN: This is Larry Nelson with W3W3.com – Colorado’s voice of the business and technology community. We’re leading people and organizations to unique and valuable resources, and we’re here today – this is really neat – at the ACG Denver 8th Annual Business Social Enterprise Event, and we were lucky enough to corner the key note speaker. Susan Morrice, welcome to the show.

SM: Thank you Larry. It’s great to be here. It looks like a really full house today.

LN: Yes, it certainly does. Now Susan, tell us the name of your company. If people look you up on the website, and then they go to Google, and they [shop?] around, it’s amazing the different things that you’ve done. So let’s set up where we’re at today and then a little bit of background.

SM: Well, the country and company I’m probably most well known in is Belize in Central America, and I’m the founder and chair of Belize Natural Energy but also, here in Denver, I’m the original investor and, with the founder, Josh Stewart, of XJet, the private-jet company. Now, the Governor, today, would know that because Colorado is being beautifully represented in Dubai. Right now, the UAE are having their 43rd birthday. And XJet, from Colorado, has been given the coveted new position in the new Dubai airport.

LN: Oh, wow.

SM: So there’s a big sort of energy bridge between Denver and Dubai, right now, as we speak.

LN: Well, you’re a big part of that bridge, by the way. All right, now, Susan, what are some of the things that you seem to be focusing on today, and where is it going to be heading?

SM: Well, the industries that I have been in are energy and aviation. But, as I was talked to on the radio last week, he said, “Well, what’s next?” A bit like you. And I said , “What I really want to do is tell people the key steps – the key educational steps. It’s not a secret behind everybody being as successful as they want to be. To follow their own dreams.

LN: I like that. Could you give us a little hint about the first couple of steps?

SM: Know yourself. Really get to know how you work. Not the clutter of baggage. Not the expectations. But get to know yourself so that you can self-express in the area that makes you thrive, successful, at the business of living.

LN: Wow. That is very excellent advice. Now, do you have this somewhere in a book or on the website, or…?

SM: Actually, I’m a recipient of having gone to a class 12 years ago that everybody can go to. It’s called Educo which is from the Latin word ‘educate’. To Educo to draw out from within. I went along 12 years ago because I knew there was something about the workings of ourselves that allowed some people to forge ahead like the Carnegies, like the Bransons, like Warren Buffets – others to step back, to be held within themselves all the way down to depression. And I wanted to understand why. And I know.

LN: That is fantastic. All right, then let me ask one last question here. If you were sitting down right now talking with a well-seasoned person who decides that he or she wants to become an entrepreneur, what would be the immediate advice you would give them?

SM: I would again go back to what I just said – know yourself, know how you really, really, tick, what you really want. Get into that inner being. Understand what we might refer to as our unconscious, and the difference within that and our conscious. And take a course, you’re never too old. One of the oldest people was 88 who went along to this course and absolutely understood how to really speak to his own children, to his own partner – he’s in the oil business too – so it’s never too late to totally understand where your passion is and what your path is.

LN: Well, Susan, we’re going to have some links on our home page that will take the listeners and the readers of our newsletter and so on to different things that you’re going to help point out to us, and we’ll list them right there. And you listeners out there, pass this interview along to others that you know would be interested. They can listen to it at W3W3.com, 24/7, Download it as a podcast, and we’ll have it on our blog too. Susan, thank you.

SM: Thank you Larry.