When we first started Belize Natural Energy, we knew that a main focus of ours was how to be socially, morally and environmentally responsible in a country where we had never done business. When we first started exploring for energy in Belize, it was still quite behind the rest of the world in terms of innovation, technology and just basic commerce. Being a small country, both geographically and in terms of  population, Belize didn’t have the resources to inspire and support its population to achieve great things.

Once we achieved our first goal of striking oil, we realized we have a tremendous responsibility to be reliable, trustworthy and honorable while we conduct business. This is why we implemented our policy to cooperate and team up with the local population to give them the tools to become successful. We also realized that we had to shatter all the pre-conceived notions of the typical energy company. Our environmental responsibility is the key to our mission, vision and brand.

Implementing an environmentally responsible policy throughout an entire corporation is an almost overwhelming undertaking. It takes many hours of planning, implementation, selling and evaluation. Despite the enormity of the project, we persevered and integrated this aspect into our company culture.

After only four years of implementing this guiding principle, we were fortunate enough to win the 2nd Annual Green Business Competition award. The award recognizes businesses as “leaders in the use or promotion of green practices or technologies, as well as for their sustainable and responsible practices for the benefit of the environment, the people and overall development that contributes to the conservation of our natural resources.” We never implemented our environmental policies to win awards, we did it because it was the right thing to do. However, we were very honored by the recognition especially since typically companies in the oil and gas industry aren’t recognized as being environmentally responsible.

The Green Business Competition began in 2010 when Chaa Creek Resort won the title award. Launched by the University of Belize (UB) in partnership with the Belize Tourism Industry Association, the Belize Tourism Board and the Belize Hotel Association the competition occurs every year during the Earth Day celebration. UB conducts the Green Business Competition through its Faculty of Science and Technology. The university hopes that the competition “acts as a powerful catalyst to sensitize businesses about the importance of being environmentally friendly and inspire other businesses to take the initiative in adopting new practices that can make them future leaders.” I couldn’t agree more!

At BNE, we strive to perfect our environmental policies to improve each and every year. The earth is giving us many gifts that we use in our daily lives and we can’t afford to take that without offering something in return. If we don’t take care of those that provide for us, it’s inevitable that generosity will disappear.

Susan Morrice
Chairman, Belize Natural Energy