The summer is off to a great start for Belize Natural Energy. Through a lot of hard work and commitment, the staff at BNE is getting some great recognition by winning the 2013 Getenergy Award in the “Learning at the Core” category. The “Learning at the Core” award recognizes companies that contribute the most to educating and training their staff over the previous 12 months.

BNE has always been committed to giving their employees (and the entire population of Belize, for that matter) the tools they need to become successful. This culture is the driving force behind the company and assists them in their mission.

BNE has a training and development program that provides their employees with the technical skills and tools that are critical to the success of the company and its people. The program helps participants become more productive, efficient and resourceful while empowering them to make decisions that directly affect the company. “From the on-set the owners of BNE decided to make BNE a Belizean company,” said BNE CEO, Dr. Gilbert Canton. “There was no oil industry in Belize before then so training and development played a key role from the on-set.” BNE has the utmost confidence in their staff and encourages them to take ownership of themselves, their subordinates and their involvement in the company.

So why was winning this award important to BNE? Dr. Canton says, “Past winners of this award included Total E&P, Saudi Aramco, TNK-BP, all major players in the industry. BNE is a small oil and gas company with 200 employees from a small country of 300,000 people. The first phase of the competition was being short-listed; while the second part was based on the number of votes the company received. Being short-listed was our first victory. Our competitor had 3000 direct employees and was part of a conglomerate of companies who has 200,000 employees world-wide.”

The awards themselves are presented by Getenergy Ltd, which is an independent organization that assists the oil and gas industry by encouraging ongoing education and training. Getenergy doesn’t provide education or training themselves, but they make connections between industry members and organizations whose missions are mutually beneficial. Their events (Exploration & Production and Refining & Petrochemical) “attract people from over 35 countries representing national oil and gas companies, international oil and gas companies, governments, universities, and training providers.”

Congratulations to BNE, it’s CEO Dr.Gilbert H. Canton and all the supporters, friends and family of the company. The win is a true testament to their hard work and dedication. They celebrated the win at their Annual Fun day on June 21, 2013 a day when the whole company comes together on an annual basis to celebrate the date they found oil in Belize.

Susan Morrice
Chairman, BNE/INE