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Belize Natural Energy (BNE) has grown from just a dream seven years ago to today being a global oil industry beacon that has transformed a nation in Central America – an amazing success story when you consider that 96% of the BNE workforce are Belizean and just seven short years ago there was no infrastructure or skilled oil industry labour in the country.

After 50 unsuccessful dry holes by leading oil explorers, BNE is today the No.1 revenue generator in Belize and has become recognised as a international beacon for its Holistic Business Model.

The BNE Trust has invested in schools, community projects and infrastructure as well as creating a culture of business innovation, supporting many Belizeans by co-signing for loans for business start-up.

Recently international award include: GetEnergy Global Education and Training in Exploration (2013), competing against 40 other countries and companies, Green Company of the Year (2011) and Employer of the Year (2012).