Through Tony Quinn’s Educo seminar, I have met many people that are talented, inspiring and gifted. I truly believe that through Dr. Quinn’s seminar, individuals learn how to recognize negative thoughts that have held them back in the past. This recognition helps all of us unlock talents and gifts we never knew we had by preventing negative thought that so easily enter our minds. This allows us to follow the spirit within us all and achieve great things. Confidence, faith and conviction certainly contribute to a person’s success. I know it has been an enormous factor in my success and that of my company, Belize Natural Energy.

There is one individual in my life that continues to inspire me with her genius. The daughter of a colleague of mine, Emma Maree, is a true talent. I have been blessed to spend time with Emma and it has been exciting to see her grow in her chosen career field. She is so multi-talented that she is destroying the conventional thought that one needs to focus on just one field of expertise. Emma has chosen to pursue several passions of hers in many facets of the art field. From sculpture to painting to music, Emma Maree can do it all…and do it well.

Her first project I was so blessed to be a part of was her book, The Magic in You. It is the story of our success in Belize when we struck oil when no one else believed we would. The book is written for children to teach them that they can be a success through any odds. Emma wrote, edited, illustrated and promoted the entire book herself. It has really touched the hearts of many children, especially those of the country of Belize.

This past December, Emma took on our Christmas card project for Belize Natural Energy. She illustrated the cover while also penning an original poem. The poem was a beautiful piece that reinforced my resolve to put last year’s challenges behind me and to know I continue to live in the present. Her illustration was a great depiction of the metaphor of releasing yourself from those things that hold you back.

Another of Emma’s passions is music. She has recorded several songs that she has written, composed and promoted. They are all such beautiful songs and speak to many people. The two I really enjoy in particular is Life and Lived For the Chase. The former was written by Paul O’Kane and recorded in my native Northern Ireland.

One of Emma’s newest projects that we began back in December makes me especially proud. After attending Dr. Quinn’s seminar, Emma was inspired to write a song speaking on the founding principles of Educo. Those standards were the motivation for the song Everland. It speaks on the energy we all have inside us that is just waiting to be released, propelling us as a species to accomplish great things! With education being key, we all can work together to make a change in the world that isn’t being driven by such selfish pursuits of wealth and power. We all live in a fantastic magical world that is blinded by egotistical and greedy pursuits. Emma hopes, as I do, that her song can open our eyes to a new era of thinking, growing and self-realization.

Below is the video produced by Emma (another talent of hers). She collaborated on this song with Scott Merchant, a very talented pianist and also an Educo graduate! I hope you enjoy it!

Susan Morrice
Chairman, Belize Natural Energy